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Procurement Services

Engineering Materials Procurement and Supply

Our procurement managers are readily available to carry out the procurement activities in line with project/client requirements.

Our managers, assisted by a team of purchasing engineers (including documents control personnel, quality engineers vendor inspection supervisor etc), coordinates and executes all related activities that will result in a successful project delivery.

Liquid Fusion allocates the required professional personnel to carry out any procurement activity in accordance with project / client requirements.

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We are responsible for selecting suppliers, preparing of tender documents, sending out of inquiries, bids evaluation, submitting of technical material for approval, issuing of Purchase Orders, expediting, inspection, customs, clearance, inland transportation, warehousing and allocating to ensure material/equipment arrive at site as per project schedule.

Product Ranges
Our product ranges include the following
1. All Types of Valves

Butterfly Valves

Check Valves

Fire Hydrant

Gate Valves

Globe Valves

Plug Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure Relief Valves

Swing Check Valves

Threaded Needle Valves

2. All Types of Drill Bits

Drag Bits


Hole Opener

Millws Tooth Openers

PDC Bits

PDC Reamers

3. All Types of Fenders

Arch Fenders

Cone Fenders

Cylinderical Fenders

Pneumatic Fenders

Square Fenders

Type Fenders

Unit Element Fenders

Wing Fenders

4. All Types of Pipe Fittings/Flanges


Orifice Flange

Slipon Flange

Socket Weld

Spectacle Blind

Weld Neck

5. All Types of Hoses

Flexible Hoses

Offloading Hoses

Unblical Hose

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